Seal Wars Continue

Hunt saboteurs have stopped the seal slaughter in Gardenstown but it continues elsewhere in Scotland.
On Sunday 11th May a lone female sab was observing salmon nets owned by seal killers Scottish Wild Salmon Company at Usan, south of Montrose. Netting at the weekend breaches licence conditions, and the nets should not have been in the water. Conditions were calm and SWSC had no excuse for not removing the nets.
Whilst trying to observe the SWSC boat approaching the nets, the sab was confronted by two members of the Pullar family, who own SWSC, who had arrived in a pick up truck.
Later in the day two sabs were confronted by five Members of the Pullar family and their thugs. They attempted to intimidate the sabs by filming at close quarters and trying to demand they removed items of clothing, which the sabs refused to do. The SWSC thugs then backed off and called the police who duly arrived and harassed the sabs, although no offence had been reported. SWSC lied to the police by saying that they had not spoken to the sabs, despite being caught on camera doing so. The police stated that they just wanted to know what the sabs were doing, and completely ignored the illegal weekend fishing, even when it was pointed out to them.
More sabs are on their way to Scotland and will be directly intervening to save the lives of the seals from those that wish to kill them in the name of profit. 
Defiled Seal Carcass
The attached photos were taken by  Elaine Roft and Bob Pert of BDMLR. The pictures were taken at Montrose . Both seals were shot by SWSC. One was a pregnant cow whose unborn baby died with her. She struggled ashore after being shot and wounded, but the rescue team could not save her. In the other picture, the body of the seal has been defiled by the SWSC.



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