Sick Hunt Thugs Daub Saboteur’s Home with Animal Entrails

HSA news release 8th April 1995

The hate campaign against a Kettering hunt saboteur continued with a sickening attack on his home last night in which the entrails of dead animals were dumped in his front garden, on his doorstep, and smeared over his motorbike.

The saboteur discovered the gruesome attack at about 10 p.m. last night and immediately called the police. Although it is not known exactly who carried out the attack, it is believed it may be connected to photographs he took last weekend at Woodland Pytchley Foxhunt kennels showing animal carcasses strewn around the kennel yard.

This latest attack is just the most recent incident in a year-long hate campaign which began after he was beaten up at the Woodland Pytchley Foxhunt. His house has been attacked several times before, vehicles parked there have been vandalised and he has been sent death threats. However, this new attack seems to indicate the hunt bullies are sinking to an appalling new low in their campaign to intimidate him from protesting against hunts. If anything, it serves only to demonstrate yet again the brutality and callousness of those who support hunting and will galvanise the determination of hunt protesters still further.

Amazingly, Kettering police seem not to be interested in the hate campaign against the local man and tried to dismiss this latest sick attack as “a litter problem”! While they continue to refuse to take such hate campaigns seriously, the sick bullies who carry them out will be further encouraged and the fear is that they may step up the attacks in the face of police indifference.

The phenomenon of saboteurs being attacked at their home is a nationwide problem. In February, three saboteurs in the Northwest were attacked by masked men in balaclavas, armed with baseball bats and knuckle-dusters: a woman had several ribs broken and thousands of pounds of damage was caused to the other victims’ homes and vehicles. Will the Kettering victim have to wait for this to happen to him before someone takes action to stop the terror campaign against him?

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