Sins Of The Sinnington Hunt

That's the trouble with the OSB. You just can't move for antis
That’s the trouble with the OSB. You just can’t move for antis

The HSA would like to thank the Sinnington Hunt For their full and frank admission that they have been illegally hunting and for dropping the Old Surrey, Burstow and West Kent foxhounds so deeply in the mire.

Yet again, Hunting Leaks have obtained documentary evidence to support what we have known all along: hunts are just blatantly breaking the Hunting Act and the only thing that is stopping them is the presence of Hunt Sabs.

This time, the damning evidence comes in the form of a letter to members of the Sinnington hunt from their representative at the MFHA AGM and seminar. The full text can be seen here:

But a few short sections are enough to show their true colours:

‘Effective trail laying and record keeping lies at the heart of what we need to do.’ (Note the future tense here).

‘We have only needed to pay lip service to this activity in the past.’
(So you haven’t been trail laying up to now, then?)

‘Who are our opponents?

The police

The Saboteurs

The underground monitors

The Law i.e. 2004 Hunting Act’

Funny, that. Surely all members of the hunting community are fine, upstanding, law abiding citizens? Why do the Sinnington see the Police as their enemy?

‘Trail laying

Every form of defence starts here

In dealing with the police

Validation legal expenses insurance [sic]

In the event of a court prosecution

Convincing Saboteurs you are not breaking the law and turning them away from us.’

Ah, so you are pretending you are trail laying so AXA pay out on your legal expenses insurance when you get nicked?

‘At one end of the spectrum you have the Old Surrey, Burstow and West Kent who have the sabs every Saturday and the other packs who maybe only had them once in a blue moon. This has taught them to effectively switch between the use of an artificial scent and the hunting the real thing.’

There’s nothing quite like dropping your mates right in it!

The Sinnington’s interpretation of the information they received from the MFHA could lead someone with a suspicious mind to believe that participants in the leaked webinars were engaged in a criminal conspiracy to break the Hunting Act 2004. It is clear that the Police and CPS have failed in their duty by only charging one person so far in connection with the webinars. All of those involved should be rounded up and questioned. If any of them are as naive as this numpty from the Sinnington, plod should have a stack of signed confessions by nightfall.

AXA must now also pull the plug on the hunts’ insurance in the face of the overwhelming evidence that they have been (unwittingly) insuring illegal activities.

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