The first night of the badger culls began last night with Hunt Saboteurs out in full force in their hundreds across both zones doing their level best to stop the cullers from killing any badgers.



In Gloucestershire at about Midnight, a couple of experienced Hunt Saboteurs came across a badger trapped in a cage, just as they approached two shooters were spotted nearby, part of the team employed to kill badgers. A tense standoff then went while sabs prevented the killing of the Badgers, eventually the police arrived on the scene.





Hunt Saboteurs knowing the best practice guidelines of the cull informed the police that the badger had to be released for two reasons:



  1. Cage trapped badgers are to be shot between dawn and noon.
  2. Shooters must release trapped badgers if third parties are on the scene.



The police  then released the badger after telling the shooters to leave, while hunt saboteurs were in attendance. We congratulate them for enforcing the guidelines. The video of the release can be viewed below:





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