HSA news release 15th February 2011

Six years since the ban and nothing’s changed

Last Tuesday, the 15th feb, members of Guildford Hunt saboteurs witnessed riders with the Surrey Union Hunt blatantly encourage the chasing of a fox.

The hunt met at littleton manor farm, reigate and were watched throughout the day for evidence of illegal hunting.  Their hounds were repeatedly seen hunting as before the ban and there was no evidence of an artificial trail to suggest they were hunting within the law.

The main accusation of illegal hunting happened at about 3.30pm at parkgate copse, parkgate. Two members of the anti-hunt group saw a fox right in front of them with six hounds chasing it.  Two riders were vocally encouraging the hounds to catch the fox.  when they realised they were being watched, the riders panicked, and stopped their hounds chasing the fox.  This incident was filmed and the footage has now been passed to the police.

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt saboteurs Association, stated:  “Almost exactly six years to the day after the Hunting Act came into force, hunts are still  chasing and killing British wildlife.  Hunts must accept this is the law of the land and the police should be monitoring and prosecuting hunts that break the law.”

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