So it begins..

The first night of the badger culls began last night with Hunt Saboteurs out in full force in their hundreds across both zones doing their level best to stop the cullers from killing any badgers.     In Gloucestershire at about Midnight, a couple of experienced Hunt Saboteurs came across a badger trapped in a […]

Criminal investigation launched into Government badger killers

The victim

Recent reports have confirmed what hunt saboteurs already knew – the marksmen shooting badgers in the government culls were marauding across the countryside, trespassing on land that was not part of the cull with high powered rifles.     In theory these hired killers were subject to stringent rules and regulations but more and more […]

Hunt Saboteur Cleared Of Breaching Badger Cull Injunction


A sab from West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs has finally had the case brought against her for breaching the NFU High Court Injunction dropped. She was the only person in the country to be taken to court for breaching the injunction that was linked with the badger cull last year.   The decision was taken by […]

Badger cull cruel and ineffective


A leaked report by the Independent Expert Panel (IEP) has now confirmed what we already knew – the trial badger cull was cruel and didn’t work. The IEP was appointed by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) to evaluate the effectiveness, humaneness and safety of the Gloucestershire and Somerset pilots. The leaked […]

Hunt saboteurs instrumental in ending Badger Cull

The Hunt Saboteurs Association is proud to proclaim its role in bringing the hated badger cull to an early finish. This can never feel like a victory as far to many innocent animals have been murdered but it is a great testament to a wide variety of groups who have worked tirelessly together that we […]

Northern Hunt Saboteurs Head South To Fight Badger Cull


Hunt Saboteurs Association Press Release 20th October 2013 Hunt Saboteurs from across northern England have travelled the length of the country to protect badgers in the recently-extended Somerset cull. Northern hunt saboteurs  were in the final stages of planning disruption of a major hare hunting festival- the Alston Hare Week-when news of the cull extension came […]

Hunt Saboteurs will focus on pheasant shooting whilst badger cull continues

Hunt saboteurs association Press Release October 9th 2013 Following the news that that the National Farmers Union are trying to illegally extend the badger cull by several weeks, hunt sabs in the cull zones have promised to focus their attention on the pheasant shooting industry which they say is one of the main groups backing […]