Avon Vale Hunt – Keeping Magistrates Busy!

Tom Ledbury (far right) supervises a dig out of a fox to be thrown to hounds as a young child looks on.

More drama this week as the Avon Vale implosion is still being dragged out before the courts. This time, it was the turn of Tom Ledbury, an Avon Vale Hunt terrierman, who was sentenced this week to a 12 month community order requiring him to carry out 240 hours of unpaid work, for his role in a video which surfaced last year following raids conducted by RSPCA and police officers around the country including hunt kennels and the homes of ‘terriermen’.  

More Bluff And Bluster From Hunting Leadership

channel 4

If you’ve turned on the TV to see a hunting-related story over the past few years, it’s almost certainly been about one of the many illegal acts or animal cruelty offences carried out by hunts and the fanatics that follow them.

The Hunting Ban – 19 years on…

sab holds sign saying it's over

19 years ago today the press assembled, sabs popped champagne corks and hunters spoke of outright defiance as a new law was enacted aimed at stopping the cruelty of hunting with hounds.

Hunting Horror Behind The Boxing Day Charade

Hunters laugh as the fox is torn to pieces.

As hunts across the country prepare to gather for their Boxing Day meets, the HSA has been passed horrifying footage of so-called ‘trail hunters’ digging a fox from its underground refuge and throwing it – alive – to a pack of hounds.

Terrier Work – Hunting’s ‘Soft Underbelly’ Exposed Yet Again


Ex-Essex & Suffolk huntsman, Sam Staniland. was in court last Monday facing six animal welfare charges relating to terrier work.

The court heard how Staniland, who already has a conviction under the Hunting Act from his time at the Meynell & South Staffs, failed to prevent injuries and suffering to multiple terriers, a foxhound, and two lurchers by causing, and failing to prevent, dogs from fighting with foxes and badgers.

Fox Attack Case Discontinued Against Avon Vale Terrierman

Terrierman Alex Warden (in blue jumper) retrieves his terrier from the dug out badger sett as fiance Melissa Hyde leans over.

There could not be a more obvious case of illegal hunting than that captured on camera by fox hunter Harry Mayo at a meet of the Avon Vale Hunt in Brokerswood in December 2022. The video, which showed Avon Vale terrierman Alex Warden retrieve his terrier from a badger sett, as someone lifted the doomed fox from the ground and threw them to the waiting hounds who proceeded to tear the terrified animal apart.

Fail Hunting: The BHSA’s Latest ‘Trail Hunting’ Demonstration Backfires

Terrierman at the South Notts Hunt. Why would they be there if the hunt was 'trail hunting'_

Friday 8th December saw the second of the British Hound Sports Association’s (BHSA) totally shambolic ‘Trail Hunting Demonstrations’. Much as the first ‘demonstration’ back in October, Friday’s event proved to be another failed attempt from those in the bloodsport’s so-called ‘governing body’ to portray hunts as working within the law.

Hunting Office ‘Smokescreen’ Webinars: Three Years On

His Lordship in action last month.

It is three years since the Hunt Saboteurs Association published leaked training webinars from the Hunting Office. These webinars – presented to an audience of over 100 hunt masters – conclusively proved what hunt sabs had been saying for the previous fifteen years: trail hunting is a lie.

Hold On…Why Are Hunts Still Holding Up?

Mounted followers of the Oakley Hunt ‘hold up’ a wood - September 2023. Courtesy of Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs

With the ‘cub hunting’ part of the hunting season coming to an end and opening meets of the main season about to get underway, let’s take a look at what we’ve seen so far this year.

Hunting’s Rural Problem

North Cots hounds on road

And why the next Government needs to get a grip on illegal hunting. Unless you’re doing a very good job of hiding from the news, you’ll know that there’s a General Election on the horizon. Maybe not in the next few months, but likely within the next twelve.