Easton Harriers Witnessed Killing a Hare for Third Time this Year


Hunt Saboteurs Association News Release 21st November 2016   Hunt Saboteurs witnessed the Easton Harriers kill a hare, for the third time this year, at their meet on Saturday the 19th November. The hunt met at the White Horse Pub, Badingham, Suffolk and were illegally hunting hares from the start.     The huntsman Alun […]



Hunters from across the country will descend on the Cotswold village of Broadway this Saturday 18th June to attend the AGM of the secretive Association of Masters of Harriers and Beagles. The AMHB, which promotes the hunting of hares with dogs, hit the headlines two years ago when it attempted to organise a ‘Young Hare […]

Criminal Activity by Members of the RAC

Pushing landy

On Saturday the 10th January hunt saboteurs attended a meet of the Royal Agricultural College (RAC) Beagles who were meeting at the Holford Arms, Knockdown, Gloucestershire. From previous visits the hunt saboteurs know that the RAC hunt hares which was made illegal by the 2004 Hunting Act.   Upon sabs arrival they discovered the hunt […]

Hunters Flee As Alston Hare Week Abandoned


The Hunt Saboteurs Association are today celebrating the complete abandonment of the Alston Hare Week hunting festival. On their fifth consecutive day in the field, sabs were greeted with the sight of dejected hunters leaving Alston and beginning the long drive south.   This is a total victory for hunt saboteurs, who have prevented any […]

Saboteurs take to skies to stop Hare Hunting Festival

Hunt saboteurs are to use aerial drones to coordinate disruption of a hare-hunting ‘festival’ taking place in Cumbria this week.   During the Alston Hare Week, which starts Monday, October 13,hunters with packs of beagle hounds -bred and trained to hunt hares-will travel from across the country to hunt the moors above the market town […]

We’re watching You!

While many foxhunts make Boxing Day their one public meet of the year, the hare-hunting beaglers remain as secretive as ever. On hunting’s premier day not a single beagle pack, anywhere in the country, chose to avail themselves of the chance to engage with the public.   However, many hunt sab groups have been busy […]

Local hunt kills hare at meet near Brindle


Hunt Saboteurs Association Press Release December 23rd 2013   In the run-up to hunting’s big traditional Boxing Day show piece, anti hunt protesters from Manchester and Liverpool witnessed first hand the reality of post ban hunting at a meet of the Holcombe Harriers this Saturday 21st December. The hunt, who traditionally mostly hunt hares, met […]

No Justice, Just Us

Hunt Saboteurs Association Press Release 20th of November 2013   Libby Gilbert ex-Master and huntsman of the Royal Agricultural College Beagles, has evaded a Hunting Act charge by fleeing to America. Charges against the 21 year old were dropped following her second failure to attend Swindon Magistrates Court on 12th November. Hunt saboteurs have attended […]

Saboteurs target mid-week Hare Hunts


Hunt Saboteurs Association Press Release 6th of November 2013 The Hunt Saboteurs Association yesterday intensified its campaign against hare hunting by attending a mid-week meet of the Bucks- based Old Berkeley Beagles. The hunt met at Leverets Farm near the village of Marsh Gibbon. On arrival, hunt sabs armed with video cameras followed the hunt […]

All we want for Christmas is enforcement of the bloody law!

Enforce the bloody law postcard

HSA news release 22nd December 2006   Petition and postcards ask Govt ‘For Fox Sake Enforce the Ban!’ The Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) has unveiled a new petition and postcard campaign asking the Government to enforce the ban on hunting, and the first postcard returns are arriving at the Home Office now ready for the […]