Hunt Saboteur Stabbed by Hunt Terrier Man

Stab Wound 1

Hunt Saboteurs Association Press Release 14th November 2015   A hunt saboteur has been stabbed by a terrrier man from the Southdown and Eridge Foxhunt. The hunt were holding an early morning meet at Eridge, near Tunbridge Wells and were furious that sabs were present to stop their illegal activities. All was relatively quiet until […]

Hunt Saboteur’s Car set on fire outside home

West Midlands Sabs - Arson Attack on Saboteur Vehicle

Hunt Saboteurs Association Press Release 25th June 2015 A car used to monitor illegal fox hunts has been set on fire outside the home of a member of West Midlands Hunt saboteurs.  Wheelie bins were piled up against the car and set on fire causing significant damage to the rear bumper.  This is the second […]

Hunt Saboteur Landrover Vandalised


Hunt Saboteurs Association Press Release 12th March 2015   Croydon Hunt saboteurs have had their group land rover damaged whilst parked outside one of their members homes. Valves were cut off two of the tyres causing several hundred pounds worth of damage as the tyres will have to be replaced.           […]

More violence at the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt

Stinger device used by hunt thugs

8th February 2015 On Saturday the 7th February Dorset Hunt saboteurs attended a meet of the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt who met at Sherborne Castle, home of Lord Digby.     From the start of the day the saboteurs were harassed by a large group of masked up hunt supporters who stole a hunting […]

More violence from Crawley & Horsham as cubbing season starts

Less than one week after the violence at the Blackmore and Sparkmore Vale hunt, you would be thinking that the Countryside Alliance would have advised hunts to keep a low profile. If so it has not sunk into the low intellects of the Crawley & Horsham hunting set.  No sooner had hunt sabs turned up […]

Hunt saboteur Hospitalised after Being ridden down by Fox hunter


A hunt saboteur has been rushed to hospital after being ridden down by a member of the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Fox Hunt during an evening cub hunting meet at the hunt kennels in Charlton Horethorne, somerset. Two hunt saboteurs were standing on a public road watching the hunt in a field when the attacker […]

Terrierman Angry Andy Guilty of Assault

Andy Bull Meynell Terrierman

Andy Bull, terrierman of the Meynell & South Staffordshire Fox Hounds, has received a police caution for assaulting a hunt saboteur from  Manchester in February 2014 at Kingstone, Staffordshire. Sabs were intervening as the hunt attempted to illegally chase a fox when Mr Bull became aggressive, grabbing a sab around the throat and attempting to swing […]

Hunt Saboteurs support lone monitor at violent foxhunt

On Saturday the 15th March a group of over 40 hunt saboteurs attended the Sinnington Hunt’s final meet of the season at Kirkdale, North Yorkshire.  Sabs at the meet The hunt was targeted in response to the violent assault of a lone hunt monitor two weeks earlier which left him requiring x-rays.  His  camcorder was stolen and his […]

Travesty of justice

South Downs Landrover Attack - Boxing Day 2012

Press Release 13th March 2014   On Boxing day 2012 at the meet of the South Down & Eridge fox hunt, the driver of the South Coast Hunt Sabs was the subject of a vicious and sustained attacked by supporters of the hunt. The groups Land Rover windscreen was smashed, the door bent back on […]