Belvoir Hunt Kill Foxes in Grounds of Nursing Home


Yesterday The Duke of Rutlands’ hounds, The Belvoir Hunt, chased and illegally killed three foxes.       The hunt met at The Wolds Farm near Holwell, Leicestershire. Initially sabs were able to take the hounds off huntsman John Holliday in two locations as he encouraged hounds to hunt a nearby covert and hedge. Unfortunately […]

Serial Fox killers Strike Again


Hunt Saboteurs Association News Release 3rd Dec 2016     The Old Surrey, Burstow and West Kent Hunt illegally chased and killed a fox today despite the efforts of hunt saboteurs who were seconds away from saving it. The hunt met at the Spotted Dog Pub, Smarts hill, South West of Tonbridge, Kent. Huntsman Mark […]

The Real Countryside Violence


On Tuesday 27th of January the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt illegally killed a fox.  The incident was caught on film by Dorset Hunt saboteurs. Sabs briefly heard the hounds in cry before seeing them ripping a fox apart at Densham Farm, Bishops Down near Sherborne, Dorset.  The dead fox is then taken away by […]

Criminal Activity by Members of the RAC

Pushing landy

On Saturday the 10th January hunt saboteurs attended a meet of the Royal Agricultural College (RAC) Beagles who were meeting at the Holford Arms, Knockdown, Gloucestershire. From previous visits the hunt saboteurs know that the RAC hunt hares which was made illegal by the 2004 Hunting Act.   Upon sabs arrival they discovered the hunt […]

The Drawn-Out Death of a Fox by Fife Foxhounds

Brutal and disturbing footage of a fox being dug out of a badger sett and shot can now be made public as the police investigation has finished.                               The incident occurred at a meet of the Fife Foxhounds on the 8th […]

Hunt Saboteurs Retrieve Body of Illegally Hunted Fox

The Albrighton and Woodland Foxhunt illegally killed a fox today despite the best efforts of hunt saboteurs to save the animal. The saboteurs were able to retrieve the body and the incident has been reported to West Mercia Police.   The hunt met at the Robin Hood Inn, Drayton Road, Stourbridge and then proceeded to […]