Travesty of justice

South Downs Landrover Attack - Boxing Day 2012

Press Release 13th March 2014   On Boxing day 2012 at the meet of the South Down & Eridge fox hunt, the driver of the South Coast Hunt Sabs was the subject of a vicious and sustained attacked by supporters of the hunt. The groups Land Rover windscreen was smashed, the door bent back on […]

Hunt Saboteur receives Payout after Police Assault

The assault

Hunt Saboteurs Association Press Release 23rd February 2014 On 25th February 2012 members of West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs and Northampton Hunt Saboteurs attended a meet of Otis Ferry’s South Shropshire Foxhunt at the Mytton and Mermaid public house in Atcham near Shrewsbury. The assault The attached film shows the totally unprofessional and biased approach the police took during this […]

Northamptonshire Police, Money to Burn?

Leicestershire Police Helicopter 1

Hunt Saboteurs Association News Release 30th December 2013 Hunt saboteurs from the Northants and West Midlands groups visited the Oakley hunt on Saturday 28/12/2013. On their arrival the hunt were clearly hunting foxes and the sabs had to intervene to enable an animal to escape.   Shortly after this a police helicopter arrived, which it later […]

No Justice, Just Us

Hunt Saboteurs Association Press Release 20th of November 2013   Libby Gilbert ex-Master and huntsman of the Royal Agricultural College Beagles, has evaded a Hunting Act charge by fleeing to America. Charges against the 21 year old were dropped following her second failure to attend Swindon Magistrates Court on 12th November. Hunt saboteurs have attended […]

And they call us Violent!

HSA News Release 15th November 2009       On Saturday 14th November, members of Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs were monitoring the opening meet of the Rockwood Harriers Hunt, just South of Emley, Huddersfield. Most of the group were following the hunt to ensure they weren’t illegally hunting.  The driver and a passenger were in the […]

Are Essex police biased or are the Countryside Alliance liars?

HSA news release 3rd January 2005 The Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) is asking for a public explanation from Essex police as to why officers are failing to act against fox hunters who break the law. In recent weeks there have been a number of serious assaults on saboteurs culminating in a pregnant saboteur being whipped […]

‘Intelligence Led Policing?’

HSA news release 30th December 2002 East Surrey, Saturday 28th December 2002: 40 Police (including 2 mounted) 36 hunt riders 3 monitors No Sabs… And a rapidly decreasing budget! This was not a scene from a Benny Hill TV show – it was actually what happened at last Saturday’s meet of the old surrey and […]

Huntsmen prove “ready to fight” in attacks on hunt saboteurs

HSA news release 19th October 2002 Today hunt saboteurs were the victims of 3 serious violent attacks: A Hampshire hunt saboteur was almost crushed under the wheels of a Land Rover as he fell while being chased around a field at the Hampshire Hunt. Long Sutton, Hampshire, 8.45 a.m. A Sheffield hunt saboteurs’ windscreen was […]

Fox and Deer Disembowelling Prove Hunt Cruelty

Muntjac Deer killed 05-10-02

HSA news release 5th October 2002 DEER ATTACKED AND DISEMBOWELLED Hunt saboteurs today (5 Oct) looked on in horror as hounds from the Old Berkshire Hunt ripped apart a Muntjac deer in a field at Westcot, Oxfordshire . The hunt had met at Kingston Lisle near Wantage, Oxon at 7.30 a.m. to hunt young fox […]

Animal Welfare campaigner beaten with baseball bats by thugs.

HSA news release 21st September 2001 Animal Welfare campaigner beaten with baseball bats by thugs John Gill, an animal welfare and anti-snare campaigner from Castleside near Consett in Co Durham was yesterday viciously and cowardly attacked by 3 armed ‘men’ in his own home. He spent the day and night in the University Hospital, Durham […]

Anti-saboteur law fails in first season

Criminal Justice Act results: Convicted – 7.1%; Dropped – 43.6% A dramatic new report on the first season of the implementation of the new offence of aggravated trespass created by the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act shows the policy has been an expensive disaster.