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HSA supporters will not want to miss the UK launch of new documentary On The Wild Side. The film, by Giacomo Giorgi, will be screened on Wednesday 26th May 2021 at 19:30 BST.

All over the world, humans continue to view the hunting of animals as a hobby. No longer a fundamental tool for survival, the hunting of wolves, rhinos, birds, foxes and many other species is for entertainment, and damages the fragile wildlife on which we depend on to survive.

On The Wild Side unites the global anti-hunting movement and sheds light on the psychology of hunting, and what drives people to kill for entertainment or sport.

Hunt saboteur calls hounds away from the fox, UK.
Hunt saboteur calls hounds away from the fox, UK.

Featuring interviews with activists, politicians, and organisations around the world, the film investigates and exposes the effects that hunting has on local ecosystems, wildlife populations, and endangered species, and shows how hunt saboteurs, mobile veterinary clinics and political lobbyists are integral to conserving our planet’s wildlife.

Bee-eater with gunshot wound, Cyprus.
Bee-eater with gunshot wound, Cyprus.

The film will be followed by a panel discussion featuring On the Wild Side director Giacomo Giorgi, Andrea Rutigliano, Committee Against Bird Slaughter, Eduardo Goncalves, Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting and Steve, Hunt Saboteurs Association

Tickets for the screening are just £5.99 and available here: www.globalhealthfilm.org/events/135-on-the-wild-side

All proceeds go to the anti-hunt organisations featured in the film!

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