Hunting Terms & Glossary
BFSS British Field Sports Society – the pro-bloodsports lobby group. Think of it as the hunters’ equivalent of The League Against Cruel Sports.
Break up (of hounds) To eat the fox.
Cap A donation on the day of the meet towards the upkeep of the hounds, or maybe a special collection for broken fences or B.F.S.S./N.C.H. etc.
Check To stop and sniff about for the scent.
Covert Pronounced “cover” generally used to describe a wood but also encompasses copse, thicket, hedge where a fox may lie for shelter. Kale fields are especially favoured.
Draw a blank Draw a covert without finding a fox
Drawing The act of encouraging the hounds through the wood to search for the quarry.
Give best To let the quarry escape, possibly to be hunted another day.
Gone to ground To take refuge in one of the above.
Holloa Pronounced “holler”, a loud high pitched screaming shout, often seen with a cap-holding arm, to point out the direction of the fox.
Hunt country Each hunt has its own defined territory, regulated by the M.F.H.A. If the hunted fox crosses into another hunt’s country, the hounds may be taken off the scent and the fox “given best” (allowed to escape, see above).
Hunting pink “Pink” or red coats are worn by hunt officials and those persons who have received the coveted “hunt button” from the Master. Women do not normally wear red coats but may sport a different colour collar.
NCH National Campaign for Hunting – sub-group of the BFSS (see above).
Point The distance run by hounds on the scent of a fox before checking
Riot To chase after the wrong quarry e.g., foxhounds chasing hares, deer etc.; beagles chasing rabbits.
Run to ground To chase the fox into an earth which may be the enlarged home of a rabbit, or a badger sett, it can also be a man-made drain.

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