Terriermen stopped from digging out foxes at royal hunt

Two terriermen dig into the fox earth as hunt saboteurs arrive

HSA news release 20th January 2005

Terriermen stopped from digging out foxes at royal hunt – What the royals don’t see when they hunt with the Duke of Beaufort.

The terrier, held by terrierman's assistant, about to be introduced to the fox's refuge

The attached pictures (20 January 2005 near Compton Bassett in Wiltshire) show terriermen with the Duke of Beaufort’s Hunt attempting to dig a fox out of its earth as part of a day’s “sport” for the hunt – among whose regulars are Camilla Parker Bowles, Lord Mancroft and Prince Charles.

Away from the riders of the exclusive “blue and buff” hunt (as the Beaufort is known in hunting circles) and away from the prying eyes of the public, the grim reality of hunting involves a terrier locked in mortal combat with a fox that has taken refuge below ground. The terriermen dig down to where the fight is taking place, separate the terrier from the fox and shoot the fox. Both terrier and fox can experience serious injuries and it has been known for terriermen to torment the fox with spades and gaffs before delivering death by a bullet.

In this instance, hunt saboteurs were able to dissuade the terriermen from digging out the fox, despite intial threats from the terriermen that the protestors would be pushed down the hill if they refused to leave.

Later in the day, a hunt supporter armed with a metal spike attacked the group’s Landrover, puncturing the door and barely missing the driver’s leg.

Terriermen threaten hunt saboteurs Dissauded from their cruel activity, the terriermen leave the fox earth.  Another fox saved by the actions of hunt saboteurs


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