The Drawn-Out Death of a Fox by Fife Foxhounds

Brutal and disturbing footage of a fox being dug out of a badger sett and shot can now be made public as the police investigation has finished.
















The incident occurred at a meet of the Fife Foxhounds on the 8th Nov near their kennels just South of Ceres. 


The hunt chased a fox to ground in a badger sett, whilst the fox was being dug out the footage tells the horrific story that unfolded. With a terrier biting on the face of the fox and the Whipper-in Philip Durno pulling on the foxes back leg and tail, apart of the fox’s tail came off. It was then  a tug of war before the terrier was removed with Philip durno standing on the fox’s throat, choking it on its own blood and then the fox was shot between the legs of the whipper-in. 

The fox is then laid on the ground and from the movement in the video it looks to be barely  alive. It is then thrown to the hounds.  Sadly hunt saboteurs were just too late to save this soul from its horrific end. 

With all the footage caught the police did not act on any complaints made as the SSPCA said the footage was ‘harsh’ but not illegal, letting this murder go unpunished as they are too scared to act.


Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt saboteurs Association, stated: “If, as the SSPCA has stated, this brutal murder was legal then it shows just how toothless and ineffectual the Hunting Act is.  Legal or not we challenge anyone to watch this footage and say that this is morally justifiable in a so called civilised society.  It is unfortunate for the hunt saboteurs present that they had to witness this horrifying event but we thank them for managing to film the incident and therefore bring it to the public’s attention.  Brutal acts such as these only reaffirm that hunting is wrong, they bring more support to our cause and put more active hunt saboteurs out in the fields to prevent further brutality in the future.”


Full footage of the incident can be seen here:

Footage of the dying fox can be seen here:
The Drawn-out Death of a Fox by Fife Foxhounds

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