The Real Countryside Violence


On Tuesday 27th of January the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt illegally killed a fox.  The incident was caught on film by Dorset Hunt saboteurs. Sabs briefly heard the hounds in cry before seeing them ripping a fox apart at Densham Farm, Bishops Down near Sherborne, Dorset.  The dead fox is then taken away by a masked hunt supporter, believed to be Ben Doggrell, the huntsman’s son.  He was filmed covered in blood and later changed his jacket and replaced the mask he was wearing with a flat cap, but didn’t change his trousers.


Lee Moon, Spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “Because the Countryside Alliance and the pro-hunt community know they will never win the moral argument over hunting they are constantly trying to confuse the issue.  We will not engage in their game or comment on their dubious videos and spurious accusations but instead ask the public to focus on the violence perpetrated against British wildlife by illegal hunts.  This carnage takes place daily the length of the country and is largely ignored by the police and the media.  It is only hunt saboteurs who bravely place themselves between the hunts and their quarry, often facing violence from the notoriously violent hunting community and persecution from biased police forces.”

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