Veganuary – The Perfect Time To Support Hunt Sabbing!


Yes, that’s right…you can fund hunt sabotage from the safety of your kitchen, the supermarket or even your favourite restaurant!

For the last year or so, the Hunt Saboteurs Association have been partnered with the abillionveg app to promote vegan food and to raise funds for hunt sabotage! This has proved incredibly successful – with thousands of pounds raised to support our brave hunts sabs in the field.

Hunt sabs  in action on Salisbury Plain.
Hunt sabs in action on Salisbury Plain.

If you’ve not done it before, Veganuary is the perfect time to get involved. You simply need to follow these simple steps:

1) Download the abillionveg app onto your smartphone
2) Setup a login
3) Start to review any and all vegan food you buy or meals your purchase – you’ll also need to photograph them. You don’t need to be vegan to do this, but the food needs to be.
4) As soon as you reach 10 reviews, the app will make a $10 donation to the HSA!

For every 10 reviews you make the HSA we will receive $10, around £8 at present currency rates. It’s as simple as that to boost the funds of the HSA and help us support hunt sab groups.

So, what’s the catch?

There isn’t one. The app is financed by external funders who promote vegan food and animal rights groups.

Funded by you: hunt sabs storm the Northumberland Beagling Festival, October 2021.
Funded by you: hunt sabs storm the Northumberland Beagling Festival, October 2021.

To date, our fantastic supporters have raised an incredible £4,779 for the HSA. With no paid staff, every single penny goes to support direct action against all blood sports. For example:

• £10:00 buys a laminated OS map so sabs can navigate in all weathers.
• £50:00 buys a good quality hunting horn to call the hounds away from the fox.
• £70:00 buys fuel to get to sabs to and from a hunt.

So, if you want to help Hunt Sabs from the comfort of your kitchen, please download the app and get reviewing today…

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