Vicious attack on Hunt Saboteur on Foxhunt’s most prestigious Day


Hunt saboteurs Association Press Release. 26th December 2012

A hunt saboteur has been viciously beaten by supporters of the South Down and Eridge Foxhunt during their prestigious Boxing Day meet at the White Heart pub in Lewes, East Sussex. The saboteur was on his own in a vehicle when a hunt supporter got in through an unlocked rear door. A group of seven men then attacked him with walking sticks and he was forced to curl up to protect himself. He suffered severe injuries to his hands which he had used to cover his head. The attackers also stole an ipad, the vehicles keys and caused damage to the vehicle, including smashing the windscreen. One man has been arrested following the incident.


Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “Boxing Day is the most prestigious, high profile day in the hunting calendar, the day when the national press are watching them and they are on their best behaviour. Yet still their violent supporters cannot control themselves and viciously attack those who peacefully oppose them. We are pleased the police have acted so promptly and are hopeful that more arrests will follow.”

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Note to Editors
For photos of the smashed windscreen please see:

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