Violence escalates as pro-hunt lobby attack protestors (again)


HSA news release 31st August 2003

Violence escalates as pro-hunt lobby attack protestors (again)

The Hunt Saboteurs Association has made available pictures of the hunt saboteur taken to Chichester hospital with head injuries after he was attacked at a meet of the Chiddingfold, Leconfield & Cowdray Hunt yesterday. The still grab from a video shows the saboteur with blood across his face.

Sussex police were called to the incident in which the protestor was attacked by 2 men at Bignor Park, Sussex and have visited the home of a suspect. The protestor was later released from hospital.

On Monday at the neighbouring Crawley & Horsham Hunt a 16 year old boy was attacked and beaten up in a similar incident. He was then issued threats including “We’re fed up of talking. You’re all gonna be f***ing dead and buried.”

Groups of hunt supporters, including the “Real C.A.” have made threats to target anti-hunt campaigners and even tamper with water supplies as a ban on hunting gets closer. One huntsman has been quoted in the press as saying that “violence is almost inevitable”(Jim Greenwood quoted in the Guardian 5/7/03)


The Hunt Saboteurs Association’s Press Officer, Nathan Brown said “We have always experienced violence from frustrated huntsmen when we stop them killing animals, but it seems that the brutality huntsmen and their supporters are willing to inflict on people and animals has stepped up to a new level.”

Notes for anyone interested:-
A still of the protestor’s injuries is available.
The huntsman of the Chiddingfold, Leconfield & Cowdray Hunt, Jonathon Broise, was cleared of assaulting 2 hunt saboteurs in July.
Lord Egremont and Lady Cowdray are Patrons of the hunt.
A father and son were charged with assaulting two police officers outside Nantwich Civic Hall in January 2003. Tony Kirkham (58) and his son Timothy (20) both of Ridley Farm, Tarporley, both are keen supporters of the Cheshire Foxhounds and Cheshire Forest Hunt were arrested outside the civic hall, which was staging The Cheshire Foxhounds Farmers Hunt Ball. Both men were charged with actual bodily harm, resisting or obstructing a constable in the execution of duty, with Tony Kirkham also charged with threatening behaviour and his son with obstructing a person assisting a constable in the execution of duty. They both appeared at Crewe magistrates in August 2003 and both were found guilty of resisting a police officer and sentenced to 200 hours community service. They were both also found guilty of assault and sentenced to 200 hours community service to run consecutively. They were ordered to pay £300 costs and £50 compensation.
The Hunting Bill is due the Lords Second Reading on Tuesday 16th September

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