West Street Tickham hunt folds


We are pleased to hear that the West Street Tickham Hunt, in Kent, have been forced to disband. Their country will be taken over by the Ashford Valley and East Kent Hunts.

The hunt are citing financial reasons and lack of decent hunting country as the reasons behind their demise and are farcically trying to turn it into a positive! Tim Easby, director of the Hunting Office bizarrely said: “This is excellent progress and the hunts are to be commended on the mature way that this has been dealt with.”

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association stated: “For once I find myself agreeing with the pro-hunt community as I also see this as “excellent progress”. Unlike them however, who are desperately trying to put a positive spin on such a disasterous story, I genuinely mean it. This fantastic news means there will be one less group of blood thirsty law breakers careering across the countryside murdering wildlife and assaulting any who stand in their way and I look forward to more “excellent progress” from the hunts in the years to come”

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