Sabotage – a documentary

A documentary about the HSA, direct action and the response of the police. Transcript – follow Read More link  

Sabbing 90s style at the Beaufort

Bath, Bristol & Oxford hunt sabs take the hounds away from the Beaufort hunt using horn and voice calls. WARNING: scenes of aggression and liberal use of the c*** word by the hunt riders. They’ve just got no manners!

Sprays save fox in New Forest

HSa Members monitoring the New Forest Foxhounds realise that no amount of filming will save the fox being chased by a pack of hounds with no huntsmen in sight. They will claim “an accident”, the police will believe them and a life will be lost. We went back to old fashioned spraying and saved the […]

Fox saved from Ledbury Hunt

November 2008: Hounds from the Ledbury Hunt started to rip apart a fox when hunt saboteurs intervened and saved him twice. He was eventually taken to a wildlife sanctuary and nursed back to health. The Hunting Act needs “recklessness” added to it or hunts will always claim such incidents are accidents. If they will hunt, […]

Sussex Beagles kill Hare, Cumbria 2009

Upper class twits from Sussex on a jolly to Cumbria. Beagles hunt a hare for 30 mins and then kill it as if there is no ban on hunting in place. A cameraman is heard on the phone reporting the hunt to Cumbria police. The huntsman blows for the kill, takes the trophies and poses […]

Hare Coursing

Greyhound 2000 bloodsport festival – harecoursing pre UK hunting ban. David Cameron likes this and thinks it should be made lawful once more.