How to hold a Information Stall

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Holding an Information Stall is easy, interesting and is essential to any grassroots campaign! Animal Rights UK have produced a very helpful guide on your rights to campaign, which is available here and information packs can be ordered by emailing us here with your address.

Get Involved!

Information Stall

No matter who you are, where you live, or how unfit you are, there are numerous things you can do to help our wildlife from becoming the victims of blood sports! Information Stalls As a grass roots campaign, we don’t pay for advertising but instead rely on word of mouth to bring the reality of […]

Surrey Constabulary continue to doff the cap

Hunt Saboteurs Association Press Release August 24th 2012 Surrey constabulary have shown their usual bias by arresting one female hunt saboteur for harassment outside the Surrey union kennels on the 23rd August. The very same saboteur who was the victim of death threats and attempts to ride her down only last week. No police action […]