Thames Valley Police Do Another Favour For Their Pals At The Kimblewick

Thames Valley Police have said they’re not planning to take any action against the Kimblewick Hunt following the killing of a fox in December 2020. The CCTV footage shows the Kimblewick hounds chasing a fox through an industrial estate that they had no permission to be in, encouraged on by the huntsman Andrew Sallis. Filmed […]

Trails On Trial: Leading Huntsmen Up In Court

It’s just as well that Covid has stopped hunts going out because a lot of their staff had to appear in court this week. Yesterday, Mark Hankinson, Director of the Masters of Foxhounds Association, appeared via video link at Westminster magistrates court to answer a charge of giving advice on how to conceal illegal hunting. […]

Cat Killed By Cornish Fox Hunt

Last Saturday 6th March, hounds from the Western Hunt killed a pet cat on a housing estate in West Cornwall. A brave neighbour filmed a member of hunt staff picking up the dead cat, looking round to see if he was observed, then callously throwing the poor animal over a fence out of sight before […]

More On The Cumberland Foxhounds Amalgamation

Cumberland Foxhounds

The HSA heard some time ago that the Cumberland Foxhounds were amalgamating with the Cumberland Farmers Foxhounds, due to the loss of hunting land, but were waiting for confirmation before we posted the news. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to hear that the hunt has folded, with the Hunting Office advertising for a huntsman […]


Another week, another hunt gone. This time the Cumberland Foxhounds have ‘merged’ with their neighbours, the Cumberland Farmers Foxhounds. The so-called Hunting Office have desperately tried to present this as a ‘successful amalgamation’, but the reality is that there were two hunts in the area and now there is one.  Both hunts have a violent […]

What’s In A Name?

Love us or hate us, you can’t argue that the Hunt Saboteurs Association has ever shied away from what we do. We sabotaged hunting when it was legal, and we’ve continued to sabotage hunting since it became illegal in 2005. For sixty-five years the hunter’s organisation – the British Field Sports Society – also did […]

Mike Hill 30 Years On – Never Forgotten and Never Forgiven

Mike Hill

30 years ago today, on the 9th of February 1991, hunt saboteur Mike Hill was killed at a meet of the Cheshire Beagles. Towards the end of the days hunting, with sabs having prevented any kills, the huntsman boxed up his hounds in a small blue trailer being towed by an open-top pick-up truck. The […]


The latest ‘strictly confidential’ revelations from Hunting Leaks are some of the most shocking yet. They demonstrate both the incredible effectiveness of hunt saboteurs and the fanatical desperation of those trying to stop us. The Hunting Office’s meeting minutes outline a three-stranded anti-sab strategy costing hundreds of thousands of pounds of their members money. The […]


The HSA’s recent exposé of Hunting Office training webinars – which confirm that “trail hunting” is a smokescreen for illegal hunting – is only the latest instance in a long history of deception by the hunting lobby.  In 1978, the otter was saved from extinction by the passing of the Wildlife & Countryside Act. While a couple of otter hunts disbanded, most simply claimed to […]

Living Without The Hunt

The fallout from the Hunt Saboteurs Association’s exposé of Hunting Office webinars is ongoing. However, one of the most immediate results was the suspension of “trail hunting” licenses on over 2.3 million acres of land owned by the National Trust, United Utilities, and other bodies. An HSA supporter who lives in one of these areas […]