Fox and Deer Disembowelling Prove Hunt Cruelty

Muntjac Deer killed 05-10-02

HSA news release 5th October 2002


Hunt saboteurs today (5 Oct) looked on in horror as hounds from the Old Berkshire Hunt ripped apart a Muntjac deer in a field at Westcot, Oxfordshire .

The hunt had met at Kingston Lisle near Wantage, Oxon at 7.30 a.m. to hunt young fox cubs. At approximately 9.30 a.m. protestors observed the baying pack of hounds pursuing the deer. By the time they reached the pack, the deer had been mauled and was being hit over the head with a stick by a hunt supporter. The deer’s internal organs had been ripped out by the dogs.

When the saboteurs tried to recover the carcass, hunt supporters assisted by police officers (wearing white gloves at the scene) made light of the incident making suggestions that the visibly upset protestors take the deer home and eat it! Despite the fact that protestors were present, no attempt was made by the hunt to prevent the pack from attacking the Muntjac.

The saboteurs slammed the biased policing. In what is claimed to be a waste of tax payers’ money, 11 police cars, 2 land rovers, a riot van and helicopter were mobilised when 16 protestors joined the hunt. The driver of a protestors’ vehicle was arrested in what was viewed as a tactic to halt their progress. His disabled occupant was left on her own at the side of the road despite reassurances from the police present that this would not happen. The driver was released without charges. The level of police available to prevent saboteurs from blowing hunting horns would suggest that there would be sufficient police to enforce a ban!



A young fox was disembowelled at a meet of the Cheshire Forest Hunt at The Millstone Inn, near Whitley attended by North West HSA. At roughly the same time as the incident in Oxfordshire, the hunt put the hounds into a field of kale where they put up a fox. A hunt rider rode in front of the fox to ‘force’ it back to the hounds. There was nothing the saboteurs present could do to save the fox but they managed to pick up her body despite violence and threats from the hunters and take the body away. An autopsy revealed the following information:

“RE: Young adult female fox

I examined the above animal which had been dead for approximately two hours.

There were puncture wounds to her neck, but not enough to cause death. There were large puncture wounds to the right flank with heart and lungs exposed. The liver was prolapsed on the right flank. There were was a large wound to the ventral abdomen with the abdominal contents outside the body.

The likely cause of death is the disembowlment and puncture to the thoracic cavity (rib cage) combined”

Speaking about the incidents, Hunt Saboteurs Association spokesperson Nathan Brown said “Yet again we have evidence of how packs of hounds kill an animal – by disembowelment. This would mean the animal enduring high levels of pain as it is ripped apart live by up to 30 pairs of gnashing teeth – not the romantic notion of a nip to the back of the neck promoted by the hunting fraternity. The fact that these incidents occurred when protestors were present leads us to question what other wildlife crimes go on when nobody is there to witness events. Hunters portray themselves as a ‘pest control’ service when in actual fact they attack any animal that has the misfortune to cross their path – be they wildlife or peoples’ pets. Hunting is neither necessary, humane or efficient.”

Referring to the Countryside Alliance submissions to the recent DEFRA consultation on hunting, the spokesperson said “We view the death of a deer as tragic as that of the fox. However the hunt killed an animal other than the one they were supposed to be hunting which pokes a gaping hole in the Countryside Alliance’s recent claims of hunt utility. There is also scientific evidence to prove that the fox population does not need controlling and hunting has no overall effect on levels of the fox population. The disembowelment of both animals and the autopsy result challenges the Alliance’s assertion that hunting is not cruel. Since the announcement of the DEFRA consultation on hunting, saboteurs have noted that the behaviour of hunts has been more cruel and even less controlled proving that self regulation is not a viable option. For the sake of animals in the countryside, and on the issues of cruelty and utility, nothing but a ban is acceptable.”

Pictures of the effect hunting had on these animals are shown below:

Disembowelled Muntjac

Fox Cub killed 05-10-02

The Result of a day's Fun

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