Protestors attacked at Illegal Foxhunt

HSA News Release 24th November 2007 Anti-hunt protestors claim that this afternoon police ignored blatant illegal fox hunting and failed to prevent a serious assault against them. At the Essex and Suffolk Hunt, held at Bluegate Farm, Wherstead today (Sat 24th November) a hunt rider was seen to ride his horse over a female protester […]

Two Thieving Hunters Convicted

HSA News Release 19th November 2007 In Swindon crown court today (19th November) two hunt servants were convicted of theft of a video camera from a hunt monitor. The charges related to an incident in October 2005 involving the Avon Vale Foxhunt, at Bromham, near Melksham in Wiltshire. The hunt had been putting their hounds […]

Where have all the Hunts gone?!

HSA News Release 1st November 2007 The Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) stated today that they were ready for what would traditionally be the start of a new fox-hunting season. Despite media reports to the contrary, hunt saboteurs, who have over 40 years experience of sabotaging hunting activities, firmly believe that the Hunting Act is a […]

Hunt Supporter Broke Hunt Saboteur’s arm

John Hawkins

HSA News Release 11th October 2007   John Hawkins. Guilty of Greivous Bodily harm against a Hunt Saboteur On October 11th 2007 a Brighton Crown Court jury found John Hawkins a 69 year old Crawley and Horsham hunt supporter guilty of Grevious Bodily Harm, after deliberating for more than nine hours to reach a majority […]

Hound killed as Crawley and Horsham Hunt blatantly Continues to Hunt Illegally

HSA News Release 27th February 2007   Hunt monitors expressed dismay and horror today after the Crawley and Horsham Hunt, exposed only last week for hunting illegally in a new report by the League Against Cruel Sports, were seen to be yet again be blatantly hunting live quarry – ultimately leading to the death of […]

Violent unprovoked attack launched on hunt monitors

HSA News Release 3rd February 2007 Hunt monitors present at a meet of the Old Surrey Burstow and West Kent Hunt were today subjected to a horrific unprovoked attack on them and their vehicle, leaving the driver with a suspected broken arm. The hunt supporters attacked the vehicle late on in the day, attempting to […]

Hunt figures enter fantasy league

Hunting promotional literature

HSA news comment 27th December 2006 Hunt figures enter fantasy league Hunting is apparently more popular now than ever – or would be if you believed what you read or saw in this year’s post-boxing day media. 300,000 people out supporting hunting? More popular than watching football? In their dreams! That’s over a thousand people […]

All we want for Christmas is enforcement of the bloody law!

Enforce the bloody law postcard

HSA news release 22nd December 2006   Petition and postcards ask Govt ‘For Fox Sake Enforce the Ban!’ The Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) has unveiled a new petition and postcard campaign asking the Government to enforce the ban on hunting, and the first postcard returns are arriving at the Home Office now ready for the […]

For Fox Sake – Enforce the Ban!

HSA news release 1st November 2006 Hunt Saboteurs write to all Police forces to say ‘For Fox Sake – Enforce the Ban!’ The Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) has today written to all police forces in England and Wales in order to ascertain current plans for enforcement of the ban on hunting with hounds. November 1st […]